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    • Able to join and speak on any voice sharing platform of our choice (Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble etc)
    • Skype account that you can be added on and be talked to, both via text and voice
    • Proof that you are competent at building(Please take screenshot in third person perspective(you can see your skin), if not a small, 20 minute build will need to be submitted to us to prove that you can build at that level. By itself a '20 minute build' is not enough proof.
    • Staff members can be a builder(or visa verca). However it must not affect your other responsibilities position.

    Strengths(Eg Landscaping, Statues, Vegetation etc):
    Weaknesses(Eg Landscaping, Statues, Vegetation etc):
    Link to proof(Screenshot):
    Any team experience?:
    Any desire to be a Sr-Builder(Can change later):
    How many (good quality) maps you make a week:
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