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    Role of Builder:
    The sole purpose of Builder is the ability to produce minigame maps for the server, although you can post maps in the map submission section. As a Builder, you can create new worlds(to hold the minigame map), teleport to all worlds, and view all worlds.
    Note: Once you create the world you need to place down a gamemode sign to change to creative.

    Role of Sr-Builder:
    Sr-Builder is a very important position and is equivalent to Admin, this is because, in theory they could 'grief' every single one of our maps(excluding backups that we do). Sr-Builders can build in all maps, broadcast(/broadcast), access creative and teleport to individual players(builders can only teleport to worlds). Sr-Builders are essential because if there are any problems with existing maps then it is their job to fix them. Sr-Builders also have responsibility for normal Builders.

    Currently, builder ranks are in development
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