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    Forum Rules:
    • Racist posts are prohibited and will result in a ban (length of ban depends on severity, but could be permanent)
    • Impersonating staff/players is prohibited (impersonating staff/players could result in a ban or even account deletion is more serious cases)
    • Advertising content unrelated to PavilioNetwork is prohibited (maximum punishment is a temporary ban, unless the account was purely designed to advertise material)
    • Advertising content related to PavilioNetwork must be done with 'common sense'. Common sense is subject to the decision of the forum administrators/moderators.
    • Spamming content is prohibited (maximum punishment is a temporary ban)
    • Posting links to illegal, pornographic or other 'bad' media is prohibited (account will be permanently banned )
    • Scamming is not allowed to occur on these forums(account will be banned, both on the forums and in-game, with no chance of unbanning/creating a new account, unless the players affect are reimbursed (fully))
    • Creating accounts if you have been banned is permitted unless you are told otherwise

    By using the forums you agree, regardless of if you have read them, to all applicable rules and guidelines.
    You understand that what you post on the forums could affect your character status in-game as well.
    You also understand that whilst PavilioNetwork aims to carry out the enforcement of these rules to it's fullest ability, it is not required to do this.
    You also understand that these rules are subject to change and it is the players responsibility to stay up to date on them.
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