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    Not permitted:
    • Mods that effect legitimate gameplay. These mods include, but are not limited to:
    +Kill aura
    +Speed Hack
    Punishment for using these types of mods would usually be a permanent ban, however. If it is not a serious situation then exceptions can be made.
    • Spam - Usual punishment would be a kick, followed by a mute
    • Excessive Caps - Usual punishment would be a kick, followed by a mute
    • Bullying - Usual punishment would be a mute or possibly a temp ban if serious enough.
    • Arguing with staff - Whilst staff shouldn't casually punish you for this, if you are being an aboustely pain, a 10 minute mute might occur
    • Advertising - If joined for the sole purpose of advertising, permanent ban. If advertised by a regular member, temporary ban. If accidentally posted an ip, official warning.
    • Links relating to non-pavilionetwork content - Temporary mute, 2 minutes and official warning.
    • Any other language than english in main chat - Asked to change language, other languages are permitted in any other form of chat. Temporary mute if continue to be ignored. Staff are asked to find language and use google translate to tell them to use other chats.
    • DoS/DDoS/DDoX/Death threats - Permanent ban
    • Abusing pugs - If lightly abused bug (eg. something related to a single game), one week ban. If heavily abused bug (eg. something related to economy), permanent ban.
    • Hackusations - Kick followed by a Temporary mute if continued

    If no time limit is present, it is up to the descretion of the staff member to punish for an appropriate amount of time. If you feel that the punishment time was two severe, please appeal.
    Rules are subject to change and is players responsibility to keep up to date.
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